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Wet or Dry Dog Foods? All you need to know!

One of the most common concerns faced by dog owners is, what makes the best dog food for nutrition, wet foods, or dry foods?

With the ongoing debate lasting for years, there is much conflicting information on this. While the requirements of your pub differ based on its size, age, and other characteristics, the answer to this question can be challenging to find. Further, finding premium dog food in Canada can also be a tedious task.

Wet food is known to be a great source of hydration especially if your pooch intakes a minimal amount of water. Moisture is essential for the well being and health of your pup-you can read more about the benefits of moisture in your dogs’ diet here.  However, canned wet food often contains many additives and preservatives that are harmful to your pup! A general rule of thumb for reading ingredient lists: ensure the list starts with a protein, contains only whole foods sources (primarily protein, vegetables and fruits) and names you can pronounce.

Dry dog food is cheaper than wet foods and has a long storage life. Dry dog food also goes through a process called extrusion that involves heating it up to such high temperatures that essential nutrients and minerals are killed throughout the process. You can learn more here.  Just like humans, feeding dogs fresh whole foods is best whenever possible. If you have a large dog, feeding your dogs a balance of dry food mixed with fresh food can be a great option as supplementing your dogs’ diet with whole foods as a nutritious topper can still have a significant impact on their health!  

With our busy lifestyles, it can be challenging to find time to cook your dog's meal and create recipes that ensure a balance of nutrients in your pups’ diet. Choosing a provider of fresh, whole foods meals to use as either a full meal or as a nutritious topper to your dogs existing diet can be a great alternative.  

With Puppy Gang Fresh Foods, achieving premium dog food in Canada is now effortlessly accessible with vet formulated meals that include only fresh whole food sources in the form of locally sourced, hormone and antibiotic free muscle meat, organ meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and organic supplements. 

Extending the best dog food for nutrition, Puppy Gang Fresh Foods is offering 50 percent off their 7 pack variety trial pack for new customers to try! Do you have any questions about making the switch to a whole foods diet for your pup? Please email us at


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