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best puppy food in canada

How to Purchase the Best Puppy Food in Canada

For those of us who are dog moms and dads, dogs are undoubtedly our furry best friends! For every puppy owner, uncovering what the best dog food for my puppy is becomes a crucial question as nutrition for puppies is of the utmost importance in helping them grow into healthy adult dogs. 

Nutritional deficiencies is surely is one of the biggest and most common concerns when it comes to pups. By compensating with a healthy diet your pup will be safe from any such issues. Further, a nourishing meal can aid in stimulating a shiny and furry coat, cleaner teeth, healthier nails, and more. To learn more about the nutritional needs of puppies please find more information here

Finding the best puppy food in Canada can be challenging as you will find much information regarding feeding your dog a puppy specific commercial diet. However, feeding your dog dry, processed food every day can have adverse effects on their health. While many view packaged foods as a favorable option to feed puppies the nutrients they need, dry food goes through a process called extrusions which heats the ingredients up to such a high temperature that the essential nutrients are killed. This is why you see a long list of synthetic vitamins and minerals in commercial pet food and these are often not bioavailable to your pup. To learn more about kibble and how it is made click here

Canned products on the other hand, although they provide moisture which your pup needs in their diet, they are often not only more expensive, but often contain many additives and preservatives that are harmful to your pup. It is also necessary to learn how to read the packaging before picking food for your pup as codes and terms are assigned differently, there are chances of being misled by packaging details. Look for ingredient lists with whole proteins listed first followed by fresh fruits and vegetables. Be wary of a grain listed high on an ingredient list or a list of ingredients that you are unfamiliar with/cant pronounce!

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods has made finding the best puppy food in Canada simple by developing four recipes with a holistic veterinarian that only contain whole locally sourced and antibiotic free proteins, fruits, vegetables and organic supplements that contain a balance of nutrients suitable for puppies as well as adult dogs. All their products are human grade and gently cooked in a human commercial kitchen to a minimum temperature to preserve the nutrients and kill the bacteria.

With Puppy gang fresh foods, obtaining the best dog food for my puppy is made simple and possible as they conveniently deliver their meals fresh frozen to your door! Puppy Gang Fresh foods is offering 50 percent off their 7 pack variety trial pack for new customers to try! If you have any questions about feeding your puppy a whole foods diet please email us at


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