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Dogs of all ages need supplements to help keep their joints strong and healthy. Give your dog’s next Puppy Gang meal a boost with one of Integricare’s easy-to-give powder supplements made especially for your dog’s joints.

Integricare, a leading provider of pet health supplements, has developed two formulas to help your pup lead a happier and more active life. Integricare's TRI-ACTA formula's have been designed for: puppy's to promote preventive joint health, and for dogs with illness, injury or older dogs. 

TRI-ACTA - Best for preventative joint treatment for healthy, active dogs.

TRI-ACTA HA - The extra strength version. Best for older pups managing existing joint issues.

Just like humans, dog’s need vitamins, minerals and specific supplements throughout their various life stages. Integricare can be used as a dog food supplement to incorporate on top of their Puppy Gang meal. 

TRI-ACTA and TRI-ACTA HA are available for purchase alongside one of our meals. All set? Learn more by clicking below. You can add your TRI-ACTA products to your cart once you have added your Puppy Gang meals.

integricare tri-acta ha
Tri-Acta HA
integricare tri-acta