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Episode 1: Meet The Puppy Gang!

In the first ever episode of the Puppy Gang Podcast meet your hosts Marisa and Sarah, co-founders of the gently cooked dog food company based out of Toronto. Today they are discussing how they decided to launch their company Puppy Gang Fresh foods and their passion about whole health and nutrition for dogs and puppies!

Episode 2: Whole Nutrition for Dogs

In this episode we speak to Dr. Sasan Haghighat from The Holistic Veterinarian Clinic in Newmarket Ontario. In this episode, Dr. Haghighat discusses the importance of feeding your dogs real food, the reasons behind making the switch and changes you can made today as a dog owner to improve your pup's health!

Podcast hosted by: Puppy Gang Fresh Foods & The Holistic Veterinarian Clinic

Episode 3: What is a Balanced Diet For Dogs?

On today's episode of the Puppy Gang Pawdcast, we are chatting with Dr. Sasan Haghighat from The Holistic Veterinarian Clinic in Newmarket, Ontario about what it means to have a balanced diet for dogs? We hear these buzz words alot in the media and today we will really dive in for what this means for the health of our pups!

Episode 4: Holistic Health for Small Dogs

In this episode your hosts Sarah and Marisa from Puppy Gang Fresh Foods are chatting with Nasim Mansour Founder of Buttonnoses Dog Rescue in Toronto. In This episode, we will learn the story of how this wonderful organization for under 10 lb dogs got started and the importance of holistic health for tiny pups!

Episode 5: Ageing Backwards: Stories Of Dogs' Transformations

In this episode, Marisa and Sarah are speaking with Dr. Sasan Haghighat from the Holistic Veterinary Clinic in Newmarket, Ontario to hear his success stories in transforming the health of dogs through the switch to whole foods nutrition!

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods: www.puppygangfreshfoods.com The Holistic Vet Clinic: https://holistic-vet.ca/

You can see Bentley's before/after photos as well as read other dog's health transformation stories here: http://holistic-vet.blogspot.com/

Episode 6: Do Dogs Need Grains?

In this episode of the Puppy Gang Pawdcast, our hosts Marisa & Sarah, co-founders of Puppy Gang Fresh Foods in Toronto and Dr. Sasan Haghighat of the Holistic Veterinary Clinic in Newmarket, Ontario discuss the hotly debated issue of whether or not dogs need grains in their diet. Additionally, we discuss the REAL causes of the heart condition DCM in dogs and Dr. Haghighat provides some great recommendations for how to feed your dog to optimize their health and wellbeing!