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Marisa Hoskins

Marisa holds a certification in canine nutrition from CASI, is a certified nutrition coach, dog lover and passionate about incorporating technology in education. Marisa was raised in Ottawa and has spent the last 8 years living in different countries, experiencing cultures, educating and mentoring girls, and honing her culinary skills. Marisa has a Masters in Information Technology Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland, a Bachelor of Arts in History and English from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Bachelor of Education with a Conjoint Diploma in Technology Education. Marisa has her Food Handlers Certification and is fluent in French, conversational in Spanish and of course English.

Marisa has owned other businesses but after saving her two pups from a shelter whilst living in Hong Kong, her passion over the last 2 years has been bringing them back to health by leveraging nutrition for their ailments and studying pet nutrition and the impact this has on our furry family members. Marisa co-founded Puppy Gang Fresh Foods as a result of her journey in transforming the health of her dog Kalinda. You can read more about how Puppy Gang Fresh Foods got started here.  Her goal in starting Puppy Gang Fresh Foods was to work relentlessly to educate all dog owners and lovers about the benefits of wholesome and nutritious food for your dogs and the positive impact it has to them – all whilst making that process simple and easy for you. In an unregulated industry, Marisa is passionate about getting it right. You will see from her blogs that she is all about being pure in nutrition – no fillers, preservatives, refined grains, processed or artificial ingredients - and giving your dog real food that you can eat too. Marisa has worked with holistic veterinarians to ensure all nutritional needs are met. 

Outside of work, Marisa is a cross-fit regular, loves spending time outdoors with her two dogs Kalinda and Harley, enjoys the beach, yoga and is learning to surf.


Sarah Tritsaris

Born and raised in beautiful Sydney, Australia, Sarah found herself in Toronto after 10 years living abroad in Hong Kong, Germany and New York. A fit and healthy lifestyle has been an important element of Sarah’s life and she has focused on nutrition as a critical aspect of overall health and as preventive measures to future ailments. Sarah has a Bachelor of Commerce, has worked in large and small organizations, and has mentored female entrepreneurs in developing countries over the last two years helping them to grow their businesses. Sarah has her Food Handlers Certificate and speaks conversational Greek.

Sarah had two gorgeous dogs Mickey and Thumper. Mickey was a cross Maltese Terrier and Thumper a Maltese. Mickey had significant health issues from a young age with problems to his back. For the most part, Mickey was able to run, play and jump and was a very excitable dog, but when healthy meals were not prepared for him, there was a noticeable difference, and this led to a change in diet. From that experience, Sarah learned how important nutrition was to support Mickey in being as healthy as he could be and that feeding him a home cooked, balanced diet had a positive impact that was not dissimilar to humans. Sarah co-founded Puppy Gang Fresh Foods to provide dog owners with a healthy alternative to help keep their pups healthy and extend their lives.

Outside of work, Sarah boxes, goes to the gym, loves the beach, is learning to surf, enjoys yoga, food and socializing. Sarah has traveled extensively across the world and loves trying new things and experiences.


Auriane Hurtes, MSc
Holistic Nutritionist

'Auriane Hurtes

Having grown up in France and South Africa, with a furry family including 4 dogs, a cat, 3 horses and a pony, animals and nature have always been an essential part of  Auriane's life. Auriane is passionate about holistic animal health, treating the root cause rather than the symptoms. Her philosophy is that animals should be fed species appropriate diets, according to their digestive tracts and looking at nature to see how they evolved over millions of years before man domesticated them.

While studying a bachelor's in Animal Science at the University of Reading in England and getting veterinary working experience, Auriane became aware of the critical role of nutrition in animal health. Aspiring to reduce nutritional disorders, she graduated with a master's specialised in nutrition for the health of companion animals and horses at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. 

Outside of work, Auriane practices yoga and loves to cook and explore new places.