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CBD Treats - Beef Lung

CBD Treats - Beef Lung

CBD Treats - Beef Lung


CBD dog treats to help your pups overall health and wellness, manage anxiety, pain and other ailments. 

Try our Beef Lung flavour today

“My dog suffered from separation anxiety. By regularly providing these treats I noticed a calmer temperament in my dog when I needed to leave!”


What is CBD?

Wands for eannalsidiol and is a ehernieateornyound derived from hemp. CBC does not contain thB° e active ingredient of hemp known as -MC" so it will not get your yap high.

Cbd Can Have A Variety Of Benefits For Both Humans And Dogs Including:

• Can help to aid in the reduction of tumors in some cancers (learn more)

• Supports treatment for separation anxiety

• Helps treat arthritis and other conditions related to inflammation

• Helps relieve pain

• Helps treat chronic conditions such as epilepsy

• Is a natural source of antioxidants to boost your pups overall health and wellness!


Will CBD make my dog drowsy?

CBD will help with overall sleep quality but will not result in an overall reduction of energy or drowsiness

What dosage size should I feed my dog?

Dosage Guide:

Approx 4-6mg of hemp-extracted CBD per treat

Extra Small (3lbs-10lbs) – 1 treat per day

Small (10lbs-22lbs) – 1-2 treats per day

Medium (22lbs-35lbs) – 2-3 treats per day

Large (35lbs-80lbs) – 3-4 treats per day

Can CBD get my dog “high”?

No. CBD is a chemical compound derived from hemp but it does not contain THC which is the ingredient in the hemp plant that causes the sensation of feeling “high”.