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Many people like Rodney Habib believe that our dogs are not living as long as they should because of the food that we feed them. Traditional dog food contains harmful ingredients and undergoes processing that over a long period of time may harm your dog’s organs, just like processed food does to ours.

Some Healthy Dog Food Might Not Be So Healthy

There are a wide range of dog food brands on the market making it overwhelming for dog owners to select the best dog food for their pups. Dog owners want to feed their dogs the best food possible, however there is not easily accessible information on this topic.

Did you know the pet food industry is not regulated? As a result, pet food companies are putting a wide range of potentially dangerous and unhealthy ingredients in their dog food. There was even a case of the drug being used to euthanize dogs being found in pet food!

Unfortunately, even premium brands of dog food often contain unhealthy or harmful ingredients for your pet.

Why Kibble Can Be Harmful to your Pet

A premium kibble brand ingredient list might contain sweet potato, chicken, oats and so on. Sounds healthy right? Consider how perfectly formed each piece is and the process those healthy ingredients went through to get to those shapes. When making kibble, ingredients are heated at such a high level that they are essentially devoid of nutrients by the end of the process.

That is why you will often see a list of ingredients you might struggle to pronounce at the end of your list of kibble. These are usually synthetic vitamins and minerals. Many of these synthetic vitamins and minerals your dog does not need but also may not be able to process properly. This can lead to malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies as the overall ingredients in your dog’s food are not providing adequate nutrition.

Feeding your dog food that is highly processed may lead to illness, malnutrition, reduced quality of life and shorter lifespan.

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Research has proven that feeding your dogs a variety of whole foods in the form of hormone and antibiotic free meats, fruits and vegetables, and organic supplements can help them live a longer and healthier life and avoid illness. To read more about the benefits of nutrient cycling for your dog check out our blog post here.


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