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Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

At Puppy Gang Fresh Foods we are passionate about feeding dogs a fresh food diet. While there is conflicting information about what is best dog food for my dog, just like human food, fresh dog foods contains ingredients as close to the source as possible making the whole nutrients present and available for your pup!

Let's quickly take a glimpse at some of the benefits of fresh dog foods before to demonstrate why fresh foods makes the best dog food supplements in Canada:

Considers your Pet's allergies and diseases

Commercial pet food contains main additives and preservatives that may trigger allergies and other conditions in your pup. Feeding your dog  a well-planned and prepared fresh foods meal is ideal as they contain no additives or preservatives and, as a result, can eliminate  ingredients your dogs are allergic to. Additionally, feeding your dog a fresh food diet can reduce their risk of diseases or illness, as well as minimize or treat existing conditions, due to the influx of nutrient dense whole foods in their diet in lieu of processed ingredients.

Better Management of your dog's weight

Monitoring your pup's weight is essential to their health. While being overweight might make them drowsy further causing inactivity and indigestion, being underweight is also a concern as your dog requires the right sources to build-up sufficient energy. Fresh meals with their nutrient dense ingredient nourish your pup and aid in the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Aids your Dog's digestive system 

Finding the best dog food Canada includes finding a diet that contains a mix of essential nutrients and ingredients that promote healthy digestion in your pup.  Whole food ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables such as leafy greens add fibre and moisture to their diet which enables your pups digestive system to run smoothly.

Gives your pooch a shiny coat

Fresh foods come loaded with nutrients to make your pups coat richy and shiny! Fresh foods also enriches their skin, nails, helps keep their teeth clean, increases their energy levels, and more. The best Dog food supplements Canada include nourishing your pup from the inside out by adding whole foods to their diet.

Heightens your pup's lifespan

It's apparent that a healthy lifestyle with a well-established and balanced meal can lead to good digestion, improved sleep patterns, boosted activities, and increased vitality and energy. Additionally, research has shown that adding fresh foods to your dogs diet can increase their lifespan by up to 3.1 years!

If you're still confused with how to determine the best dog food for my dog, you can contact us at We have four recipes that have been developed with a holistic veterinarian that use only fresh protein in the form of muscle meat, organ meat, fresh fruits, vegetables and organic supplements. 

Being one of the best dog foods in Canada, our recipes are balanced and nutritious meals or supplements to your dogs existing diet and contain an ppropriate combination of proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals, liquids, fats, and more. Want to see the benefits of whole foods for your pup? We are currently offering 50 percent off our 7 pack variety trial pack for new customers to try!


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