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Why you need pet insurance

Why you need pet insurance

Pet ownership has been on the rise with over 50% of households in Canada having a dog. This is great news for us dog lovers, especially since we know this means a lot of love, kisses, long walks and play time. But it also means increased household expenses on dog toys, treats, jackets, booties, food….and the big one….VET BILLS.

With the increase in illnesses, vet bills are on the rise and pet insurance is more important now than ever before.

Unfortunately with the rise of feeding processed dog food diets in the last 60 years we have seen a significant increase in illnesses in dogs. From obesity, heart disease, pancreatitis, liver disease, IBD, diabetes, allergies, and the list goes on.

As dog mom’s we have done our homework on pet insurance, and we want to share a new pet insurance company that we love.

Furkin is a Canadian pet insurance company that is changing the pet insurance industry. They focus on customer care, transparency and supporting you and your pet.

Why do I need pet insurance? The unexpected costs!

We know that small incidents such as your dog eating a sock, can cost you up to $7,000 if they require surgery all the way through to serious illnesses such as cancer treatment costing upwards of $15,000 (see article with cancer treatment cost!). For most people, this is a large and unexpected expense to pay ourselves and having pet insurance will ease your mind to be able to get the best treatment for your pup.

Pet insurance plans help you cover the cost of these unexpected injuries and illnesses and you can usually select what kind of coverage you want for your pet. 

One of the reasons why we like Furkin is that most pet insurance companies cover between 50-90% of the cost, and Furkin ranks near the top of that range with 80% reimbursement of your eligible veterinary expenses.

They are also different to other insurance companies as they have added services beyond the standard coverage. Check out their website to see the benefits they offer for pet insurance in Canada. They also reimburse exam fees and taxes, telehealth support and over $3,000 in pet parent support benefits each year. 

And….from our own experience with pet insurance companies, we know this is unique!

What can I do to reduce vet bills?

We know for ourselves that if we eat healthy, take our vitamins and exercise we have a better chance of being healthy, developing less illnesses and living longer. The same is true for our pups. Up front preventative care is critical to help your pup live a healthier and longer life.

Some things you can immediately do:

  1. Flea and tick treatment for your pup (we prefer natural blends)
  2. Regular exercise through walks and play time
  3. Brain activities to support their mental health
  4. High quality whole foods. Adding whole foods like Puppy Gang Fresh Foods to your pups meals can significantly reduce the risk of illness and will help to give your pup more energy and a longer life.   

So what now?

Make the changes mentioned above, and when reviewing pet insurance options ensure you read through the policy and coverage information.

We also heard Furkin is waiving their $35 enrollment fee, to learn more you can go to their website or contact their customer care team.

If you are looking to switch your pup to a whole foods diet, we are offering 40 percent off your first 7 packs using code 7NEW and you can get started here

Furkin and Puppy Gang Fresh Foods are independent third parties.  Furkin does not endorse, provide advice on, or in any way promote the use of Puppy Gang Fresh Foods nor is this a solicitation of insurance by Puppy Gang Fresh Foods. Material provided herein is for informational purposes only.

by Sarah Tritsaris, BComm, CIVT Natural Animal Nutrition CPD


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