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What Vaccines Does My Pup Actually Need?

What Vaccines Does My Pup Actually Need?

Overvacinating and overdosing pets has become a global issue. Veterinarians such as Dr. John Robb have spoken out over this issue:

Over vaccination of pets has become an epidemic because there is technically no limit to how many times you can vaccinate your pet for the same disease. As a result of this, vets worldwide are seeing complications in pets due to over vaccinating. This is due in large part to the fact that dogs receive the same size dose of a vaccine regardless of whether they are 5 lbs or 150 lbs.

According to the top pet immunologist (aka a vaccine expert) Dr. Ronald Shultz “Annual vaccination has no benefit and may increase the risk of adverse reaction”. Some of the negative side effects of over vaccination can include neurological disorders, increased susceptibility to infection, unprovoked aggression and seizures.  Research shows that one rabies vaccine is generally all a dog needs for their entire life. 

How can you find out if your pup has a sufficient amount of a vaccine in their system?

Instead of vaccinating your pet annually, you can request that your vet run a “Titer Test” instead. Titer tests measure the level of antibodies your pup has in their body (ie their ability to ward of the disease) Basically, this test will inform you whether your pup is due for a vaccination or not. Though vaccination again rabies and other illnesses IS important it is always recommended to take a titer test to avoid the risks associated to over vaccinating your pet.


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