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What to consider before purchasing dog food

Dogs are our fur babies and deserve the healthiest dog food in Canada to cater to their needs and promote healthy development with strong organs, thriving in life, better fur and stool quality, higher energy and a longer life span.

Finding suitable food that provides your pup with the best nutrition can be difficult with limited information available on dog nutrition. We hear a lot from large, commercial pet food brands making claims of providing healthy dog food in Canada to our pups. However, the research for the best quality dog food in Canada shows a different story and leads us away from processed or commercial dog food. 

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dog Food

  • Your Pooch's Age
  • Age plays a vital role in determining what category of food will nurture their body and enrich their growth. Dogs in their initial progress phase need milk until their 8th week. Beyond the 8-week duration they start forming teeth allowing them to chew softened food. Just like babies, dogs in their growing stage require ample nutrients to build up energy, as they settle into mid-age ensuring they get a balanced diet becomes essential to administer a healthy and active pup.  This can be best obtained through whole foods and a healthy diet.

  • Your Dog's Breed 
  • Small pups have different caloric requirements compared to larger pups. Breed and their size are a key indicator of the portion and kind of food that suits them best. Based on the meal size, apportioning a balanced diet with all the essential elements becomes mandatory. This is critical to ensure that your dog gets the nutrients and calories they need to keep up their energy levels, but also a balanced diet so that they don’t become obese.

  • Nutrient-Packed Meal 
  • What makes for a balanced diet you may ask? 

    Proteins, minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and water formulate into a nutritious meal for your pup. Ensuring the right balance of these, as well as a mix of proteins, fruits and vegetables for your pup is crucial to stimulate substantial energy levels. Especially dogs in their early growth phase can develop deficiencies or allergies and intolerances with low nutritional food, or eating the same food everyday.

  • Pups Activities
  • It's agreeable that not all pups function in a similar pattern, ranging from hyperactive to passively active. Observing their activities is significant in determining how much to feed your pup. A lower energy dog will require less calories than a higher energy and highly active pup.  

  • Commercial Food - Yay or Nay?
  • More often than not, the ingredients mentioned on the label don't form a major fraction in the packaged meal due to how they are cooked and prepared. Understanding what is in your pups food and how to read the labels is critical 

    While packaged meals seem convenient and make the claims of a ‘healthy and balanced diet’, the ingredients offer very little diversity to extend a high nutritional value. This along side the high temperatures that the ingredients are cooked at, means that the natural vitamins and minerals are lost and therefore synthetic supplements are added.

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