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Raw dog food delivery in Toronto

Essential Nutrients your dogs needs to stay healthy

Trying to find the best dog food, in particular the best gently cooked dog food or the best raw dog food in Toronto or establishing meals that provide your pup with the nutrients they need can be a confusing task with endless dog food suppliers.

Having an understanding of the nutrients your dog needs to keep them healthy and happy is so important in helping you make the right choice in what to feed your dog. Let's take a glance at some of the essential components that make for a nourishing meal for your pup.

  • Protein- Proteins such as  eggs, lean meat, fishes make for a rich meal loaded with amino acids that facilitate energy to stimulate a playful pup. Generally you want to look for whole food protein sources from meat and it is important to note that not all proteins are equal, based on the quality of the protein and type of protein. Unless your dog has allergies or a specific health condition, rotating through different protein sources is ideal to give your dog the nutrients they need. Along with extending energy, protein promotes stronger bones, muscles, nails, and densely generating fur.
  • Water- Similar to humans, dogs are also built with 70% to 80% of water in their body. It is therefore important for dogs to stay hydrated both through their meals and through water intake. When looking to keep your dog hydrated through his or her meals, look for food that contains a higher moisture content so your pup is also hydrating through the foods they are eating.  Water is essential in washing out unnecessary toxins from the body, administering a suitable temperature and maintaining active organs.
  • Vitamins- Your dog needs a range of vitamins and minerals in their diet including Vitamin A, D, E and K as well as a balance of calcium and phosphorus. Ideally, you want your pup to receive vitamins and minerals from natural, whole food sources. For best results, include a variety of different whole food sources of nutrients in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables in your pups diet.
  • Fats- Fats provide more energy in correlation to carbs or proteins, especially fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3. Allotting an appropriate portion of healthy fats is essential as excess fat consumption (or unhealthy fats) can cause obesity. By boosting healthy fats in your dog’s diet such as flax-seed, makes for a wholesome diet. These fats aid in compressing vitamins and encourage strong internal organs and nervous systems.

Raw dog food delivery in Toronto might be an option for your pup as well as gently cooked dog food. Gently cooked dog food contains only whole food sources that have been gently steamed to the minimum possible temperature to kill the bacteria and preserve the nutrients.

Our preference is gently cooked dog food as this process increases the digestibility of ingredients for your pup that aids with nourishing food to help him or her  intake the right amount of all the necessary nutrients. Puppy Gang Fresh Foods is a great alternative to the best raw dog food in Toronto and provides customers with a selection of four vet verified meals with the 7 pack trial starter kit. Like raw dog food delivery in Toronto, Puppy Gang Fresh Foods enables convenience with nutritious dietary meals supplied at your doorstep.

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