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The Importance of Cycling Nutrients For Your Dogs

The Importance of Cycling Nutrients For Your Dogs

Do you eat the same thing everyday? Chances are, you don't. You'd not only be bored with your food, but you'd also be missing out on vital nutrients that come from eating a variety of proteins, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Interestingly,  the common approach to nutrition for our pups opposes this. Kibble companies promote their food as balanced and complete meaning they contain all the nutrients your pup needs in one meal.

However, when you look at the ingredient list of these foods you will likely see a long list of synthetic vitamins, as many of the natural nutrients found in real foods are destroyed during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, it is impossible (and unnecessary) to get every nutrient your pup needs in one meal without using synthetic alternatives.

Why is this important?

Each ingredient has a unique nutritional profile and contains different combinations of essential nutrients such as amino acids, protein, fat and vitamins and minerals. To get the true nutritional benefits of these ingredients they need to be fed to your dog in whole real form. By rotating your dogs meals and providing them with a variety of combinations of proteins, fruits and vegetables in their diet they are ingesting a higher variety of nutrients. 

If dogs are fed the same food every day, they also have a higher risk of developing allergies or food intolerances. By rotating your dog’s meals this reduces the risk of your pup developing an adverse reaction as the combination of ingredients, is changing so it is not in their system long enough for them to develop a negative reaction.

When deciding on food for your dog, aim to provide them with food that is as close to whole sources of protein, fruits and vegetables or supplement their existing foods with whole ingredients to ensure your pup is getting a variety of nutrients in their diet.

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