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Ideas to Bond with Your Dog at Home!

Ideas to Bond with Your Dog at Home!

We are living in unprecedented times. Like many around the world, we are all at home practicing social distancing. This is tough, and many people are finding the isolation difficult. The silver lining in all of this for those of us that have dogs, we have great companions, and the social distancing DOES NOT apply to your pup! :) In fact, this extra time we have at home is a great opportunity to bond with your pup and show them even more love than usual!

You can still get outside and take your pup for a run, walk or hike but we thought we would share a few great activities you can do with your pup at home,

1. Hide treats around your house and have your pup search to find them

2. You can make (or buy) puzzle boards for your pup and help them to open them up for treats. Here are some ideas for DIY Brain Games for your dogs that you can make from items you likely already have around the home :)

3. Play tug of war with your dogs (my dogs like to play this together is a video! : 

4. Teach your dog some new tricks! It is never too late :) There are a ton of awesome Youtube videos to find some ideas and instructions on how to teach your dog new tricks! Here is one to get you started!

5. If you have stairs in your home throw a ball up and down the stairs to help your pup get some indoor exercise!

6. Make your dog a new toy to play with from items you likely already have lying around the house. Here are some ideas:

Remember, doggy cuddles are the best remedy for anything that ails you! From our Puppy Gang team to you and your family, we wish you well during this difficult time. 


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