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Nutrition Powerhouse: Kelp

Nutrition Powerhouse: Kelp

One of the ingredients you may have noticed on our ingredient list is kelp powder. But did you know that kelp powder is a nutrition powerhouse that has a ton of benefits for dogs (and humans as well!)

Not only is kelp powder one of the richest sources of amino acid (it contains 21 amino acids!), it is also a natural source of iodine which aids in healthy thyroid function and iron which supports circulation. Furthermore, it contains 60(!) other trace minerals and a source of a variety of growth hormones.  

Some of the benefits of kelp for your dog include: 

  • Provides relief from skin allergies as it reduces itchiness and inflammation
  • Regulation of activities in the adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands
  • Kelp contains proteins and amino acids (this helps with tissue repair)
  • Iodine which aids in healthy thyroid functioning (this aids in speeding up metabolism and helps with weight loss for overweight dogs)
  • Can improve dental health by reducing plaque and tartar

We use organic kelp power in our recipes to ensure your dog gets the nutrients he or she needs to keep them as healthy and happy as a pup for as long as possible.

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