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dog with bone

Did You Know That Dogs Need Bones?

Bones have been an integral part of a dogs’ diet for thousands of years. This is because they have many positive benefits such as helping with teeth cleaning and aiding in distracting from negative behaviour as well as contain important nutrients your dog needs. 
A study conducted by Open Heart Journal indicated that, whenever possible, we as humans should be looking for food sources of calcium in our diet. This is the same for our furry friends.

Bones are a highly digestible and natural source of calcium which provide a variety of benefits for dogs, including:

  • Maintaining healthy bones and teeth
  • Helping heart functions by supporting contractions in the heart
  • Supporting nerve transmission
  • Muscle building and signaling
  • Helping with hormones secretion

You can feed your dogs bones in two ways:

  1. Whole bones as an activity to chew on (this will keep your dog occupied and serve as a natural teeth cleaning activity). We love the brand Jaker’s Treats for wholesome bones as treats for our pups!
  2. Including ground bone in your pup’s food 
A common misconception we hear in the pet food industry is that kibble is needed for teeth and gum health. However, since kibble is primarily formed from refined carbohydrates, kibble can actually INCREASE plaque and tartar buildup on dog’s teeth. This is why bone is best and you should be looking for food and treats with natural hormone and antibiotic free bone sources for your pup such as the bone meal found in Puppy Gang Fresh Food meals!


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