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Did You Know Dogs Need Moisture in Their Food?

Did You Know Dogs Need Moisture in Their Food?

With the weather still warm its particularly important to ensure your pup stays hydrated! Water is not often thought of as a “nutrient” but in actual fact it is THE most important nutrient for your pup! According to Purdue University, a loss of only 10% body water can result in death!

Water has many functions in the body such as:

  • Dissolving nutrients and transferring them around the body
  • Serving as the medium in which chemical reactions occur in the body (in fact 50% of the chemical reactions in the body occur in water!)
  • Assisting in keeping body temperature consistent
  • Helping to cool the body
  • Aiding our pups senses such as sight and hearing
  • Lubricating the joints

Dehydration can result in:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Increased body temperature
  • Reduction in food intake
  • Death

All animals lose water every day from urination, feces and respiration. Though it is commonly known that we should be leaving water for our pup to drink a little known fact is this is often not sufficient for their daily intake.

Kibble and other dry foods are devoid of moisture which leaves your pet in a perpetual state of dehydration.

That is why the MOISTURE content of your food is important which you can find on the Guaranteed Analysis on the back label of your pup's meals. By feeding your dog a whole food diet such as Puppy Gang Fresh Foods meals you are ensuring they are getting the water intake they need from the natural moisture in fresh fruits and veggies. 


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