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Why I quit my pet insurance and what I now know

Why I quit my pet insurance and what I now know

by Sarah Tritsaris, BComm, CIVT Natural Animal Nutrition CPD

As a dog mom of a senior rescue (gorgeous 9 year old Tarzan…now 13 years old), and as the owner of Puppy Gang Fresh Foods, I know a lot about keeping dogs healthy through a whole foods diet and preventative care.

When I rescued Tarzan he had heart worm and had been having treatment for it. We cleared him through the months of required testing, and also found that he had kidney issues. From Tarzan’s gotcha day he immediately started eating Puppy Gang Fresh Foods, and within about 9 months his blood work for his Kidneys were clear and he no longer had any kidney disease!

I purchased pet insurance for him knowing that I didn’t have control of what he ate for the first 9 years of his life and that medical issues may arise. In the beginning, some of the vet bills ($300 bills per visit…!) were covered by my insurance, and others were not.

Over the next year or so we were at the vet for ear infections and skin irritations (I discovered through an elimination diet he was allergic to chicken), and he also started limping on his back legs.

Again…because of his age…”pre-existing conditions.” (Here is some info about what are pre-existing conditions)

The last straw…was when I found a dead tick on him and removed it and took him to the vet to check I got it all out, they asked me to prove that I had given him tick medication. Of course, I did not have the receipt for this medication…and this prompted me to terminate my pet insurance.

What I wish I knew back then

Now, I have found an insurance company that is not like the rest, and they are local Canadian.

They are extremely transparent in what they cover.

Take a look at their website. They offer a great ‘standard’ coverage with over $3,000 in additional coverage such as boarding fees for hospitalization, reward money if your pup is lost, and up to $20,000 in coverage with no ‘per condition’ limits.

This company is called Furkin.

They also offer coverage for alternative therapies (hello acupuncture), diagnostics, exam fees, medical procedures and much more, as stated on their website.

And…in speaking to their team…I like them. And trust them. Furkin is on a mission to change the pet insurance industry…and finally I feel supported as a dog mom.

Furkin are waiving their admin fee, to learn more you can go to their website or contact their customer care team.

Furkin and Puppy Gang Fresh Foods are independent third parties.  Furkin does not endorse, provide advice on, or in any way promote the use of Puppy Gang Fresh Foods nor is this a solicitation of insurance by Puppy Gang Fresh Foods. Material provided herein is for informational purposes only.


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