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What is High Quality Food For Your Dogs?

What is High Quality Food For Your Dogs?

What is high quality dog food Canada often asks? 

One of the difficulties in answering this question is that the pet food industry in Canada is unregulated. This means that many companies include fillers, additives and other ingredients that are harmful for your pets health. 

Additionally, in Canada it is a legal requirement to list ingredients in order of weight. Be wary of companies that list starchy carbs high on their ingredient list-you want to see high quality sources of meat listed first then fruits, vegetables in descending order. 

Marketing on pet food brands does not help with the confusion either, as many brands that promote themselves as “complete and balanced” often contain a long list of synthetic vitamins and minerals that are not bioavailable to your dogs. Instead, cycling through different foods for your pup in the form of proteins, vegetables and fruits can provide them with a variety of amino acid profiles and micronutrients that your dog needs to thrive.

However, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to help find healthy nutritional options for your pup!

General Guidelines for finding high quality dog food Canada:

  • Look for an ingredient list with names that you can pronounce
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Avoid words such as meat meal or animal by products
  • Look for protein as the first ingredient
  • Look for the words “human-grade” on your dog’s meals
  • Ensure you check your dogs’ food for an harmful ingredients such as preservatives including the words BHA and BHT
  • Check for artificial fillers including enriched pasta, rice bran and corn hulls

Feeding your dog whole foods is ideal. If this is not possible for you to feed whole foods a whole meal for your dog, adding whole foods to your pup's existing food can have a significant impact on their health. One study found that adding green leafy vegetables to dog’s kibble reduced their risk of bladder cancer by 90 percent!

Raw food diet for dogs Canada has become a popular whole foods choice for pet owners. Though raw food diet for dogs Canada does contain whole food ingredients, when considering whether or not to feed your dog a raw food diet, it is important to understand how to treat the raw food as there are some significant risks involved if not dealt with properly.

 As a result, more dog owners are opting towards a gently cooked diet which includes human grade ingredients cooked to the minimum possible temperature to kill the bacteria and preserve the nutrients of the food. For more information on the difference between gently cooked and a raw foods diet check out our blog post here. If you are interested in switching your pups to a gently cooked diet. Try our Trial Pack for 50 percent off today!


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