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Benefits of CBD for dogs

What is CBD and How Does It Benefit My Pup?

You’re probably heard the words CBD floating around the internet.

CBD stands for cannabidoil and is a chemical compound derived from hemp. CBD does not contain TCH meaning, it does not “get you high”, as is a common misconception. But interestingly, research is showing that CBD has a variety of health benefits for both humans and dogs!

Benefits of CBD for dogs: 

  • CBD is a natural anti-inflamatory
  • It is a rich source of antioxidants
  • It can aid in the treatment of anxiety
  • Is a natural pain reliever
  • Can help treat chronic conditions such as epilepsy

Additionally, CBD has even been found to enhance the therapeutic benefits of cancer medication to aid in reduction of tumor size!!

When searching for a CBD product it is important to choose one that contains high quality CBD without unnecessary additives.CBD is a fat soluble compound, meaning it is best absorbed when taken along side saturated fats. MCT oil enables the most CBD to be absorbed by the bloodstream to increase effectiveness and improve the benefits of a CBD product. 


We’ve started our CBD treat line to help dog owners reap the benefits of CBD for their dogs!

Why our treats are different:

Our treats only contain a single ingredient (we offer two choices beef liver or sweet potato chews) along side CBD oil and MCT oil and that is it! Not only are these a nutritious and healthy choice for your pup but they have been taste test approved by picky eaters! 

Try our CBD treats today!


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