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What Does Human Grade Dog Food Mean?

What Does Human Grade Dog Food Mean?

When it comes to feeding their dogs, many pet parents wonder what is the most nutritious option for their pup. You’ve likely heard of grain free or seen the words natural dog food used but you might be wondering what the term human grade dog food Toronto means? 

Human grade dog food is a term used to describe food that is edible for both humans and dogs. It is important to note that in order for a food to be considered “human-edible”, not only must all ingredients be fit for human consumption, the product must also be manufactured in a “human-edible” facility and packaged according to set regulations. As a result, human grade dog food Toronto can be difficult to find as the bar is set high for companies to be able to label themselves as human grade. 

Additionally, it is important to note that not all human grade dog food Toronto is created equal. Though a product may hold the name of human grade, the product might technically contain ingredients deemed fit for human consumption they might be poor quality ingredients (just think of some of the questionable items on grocery store shelves that have been deemed fit for us to eat!). These include items such as mechanically separated meat or high levels of grains that can be considered “fillers” and not ideal for optimal nutrition for your pup.

As a result, learning how to read your pups food label is important even with human grade dog food Toronto. 

Things to look for on your pup’s ingredient list: 

1. Look for a protein source as the number one ingredients on your pups food.

2. Look out for filler ingredients such as grains or corn high on your ingredient list:

Though some carbohydrates are not bad for your dog, seeing grains or other starchy carbs high on your ingredient list can be a indication that your pet food company is trying to cut costs rather than provide your pup with an optimal diet: 

For example, though corn is considered to be a human-edible ingredient, it can be difficult for your pup to digest and many pets have digestive sensitivities related to corn

3.  Does your dog’s food contain a long list of synthetic vitamins that you can’t pronounce?

The processing in commercial pet food kills the natural nutrition of ingredients. That is why you often see a long list of synthetic vitamins as replacements and pet food companies advertise themselves as providing a complete and balanced meal. What they don’t tell you is that these synthetic vitamins are often not bioavailable for dogs in their synthetic forms. Also, just like humans, dogs do best when they have variety in their diet primarily through the forms of different proteins which contain various amino acid profiles and supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

4. Look out for vegetable oil as an ingredient

Vegetables are good for my dogs health so the oil form must be good as well right? Well, Vegetable oil is high in Omega 6 fatty acids Though these are essential in moderation, and commercial diets already tend to supplement Omega 6 fatty acids, these excess fats can exacerbate arthritis, hip and joint problems, and many other medical conditions in high quantities they can lead to inflammation

5. Look out for synthetic preservatives or additives. 

For example, sodium tripolyphosphate is an ingredient that can be considered human edible and is found in ingredients such as cured meats and processed foods and is used as a preservative  However, sodium tripolyphosphate is also used as a softener in detergent! If there ARE any preservatives in your dogs food make sure they are natural only: Natural preservatives (Vitamin C/E) or no preservatives

In a nutshell, your pups ingredient list should be short, clear and contain ingredients that you know and are able to pronounce. In Canada, ingredients must be listed in order of volume. As a result, high quality human edible food should contain a protein source as a first ingredient, then fresh fruits and vegetables, followed by no or low amounts of grains and organic supplements. 

Though human edible dog food is generally more expensive than traditional pet food, it will pay off in nutritional benefits for your pup and help you save money on vet bills long term.

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