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Vet Prescription Diets - What are they?

Vet Prescription Diets - What are they?

Lets talk about 'Vet prescription diet food'

It can get confusing when your vet suggests processed food to feed your pup…and you know they are the 'experts' but....its not really their fault. 

Vet schools are funded by large kibble brands and kibble and processed foods is what they often teach about nutrition. This is slowly changing, but for the most part your vet will still point you in the direction of kibble (if you’re like me, I just ignore this and keep feeding gently cooked whole foods).

Why do they do this and how did it start?

"Prescription" pet food diet was created in 1948 with Hills but the term "prescription diet" is misleading. It is simply called this because they are sold only by veterinarians (i.e. you don’t find this in the supermarket)!

So....when we are asked "this is what my vet told me, what should I do" we always recommend to read the ingredients (look for a long ingredient list of chemicals, preservatives and carbs), call the company and ask exactly what meats are used (likely not high quality proteins)....and if possible switch your pup to a whole foods diet, or add whole foods to their diet.

FYI...wont get into it now but a similar issue exists with AAFCO...the minimum recommendations are so low they are not helpful to pups!

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