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The rise of diabetes in dogs

The rise of diabetes in dogs

The rise of diabetes in dogs

With the rise of feeding processed foods to dogs over the last 50 years we have seen more and more dogs getting diabetes πŸ˜’

How and why?

Insulin is important for both us hoomans and pups as it helps to move energy from food to our cells. However processed dog food contains too many refined sugars and simple carbs (dogs do not need carbs in their diet!!!), and our dogs have become resistant to the insulin which eventually causes them to have diabetes. (Kibble and other companies add carbs because they lower the cost and it’s really the only way to keep the kibble together) 😑

This is one of the many issues with kibble, in that it contains unnecessary and often harmful ingredients to create meals that are 'balanced' but not actually providing our pups with the natural nutrients and high quality ingredients they need to be healthy and live longer lives.

What can you do?

When you see ingredients such as pasta, white potatoes, rice, oats, corn, wheat etc this should be a red flag that your pups food is high on unnecessary carbs to make it a cheaper meal to produce.

To combat this look for food with low carbs and only complex carbs if possible. If not, try reducing existing food and add in vegetables to your dogs diet to provide them with less of the processed food and more nutrients.

To get started and try a whole foods diet, click here


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