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Raw Dog Food Toronto

Raw Dog Food Toronto

To live long, healthy and happy lives dogs should be eating whole foods. The commercial dog food industry has done a great job in their marketing efforts over the last 60 years in making us believe that it is normal to feed dogs processed foods and this is what is best for them.

But this is not true, just like us humans shouldn’t be eating processed foods every day.

Dog’s need whole foods in their diet, meaning a combination of proteins, fruits and vegetables that have been nutritionally balanced to suit dog’s dietary needs.

Whole foods consist of gently cooked (steamed) or raw dog food in Toronto. Raw dog food Toronto is a great source of providing your dogs with whole foods, however this is not for everyone. Some dogs find it difficult to digest raw proteins, and if not handled properly there is a risk of illness due to the bacteria in raw meats, especially with children in the household. Another common issue with raw dog food Toronto is that there is a large portion of pet food companies that do not have the required vegetable content in their raw food which will cause other nutritional issues for dogs. You may also notice that raw dog food eaters have a hard or sometimes white stool, and this is often caused by too much calcium in the diet from the high levels of protein and bone.

Dogs do need vegetables in their diet, and this content should be approximately 50-60% of the meal. Based on our research, we prefer the gently cooked (steamed), human grade meals for dogs Toronto. The reason for this is that steamed proteins, fruits and vegetables are much more digestible for dogs, and you will see an improvement in their stool within 2 days.

By steaming the ingredients, the natural nutrients are preserved and the risk of bacteria is removed. Many raw feeders do also recognise the benefits of human grade dog food Toronto and actually add gently cooked food, such as Puppy Gang Fresh Foods meals alongside their raw dog food toronto.

Dog’s used to eat raw carcasses when they were surviving on their own, so what’s the issue?

This is true. Dogs did previously hunt to find their own food, and would feed on carcasses. This was obviously not cooked, and dogs survived and did well on this raw food. What many people don’t consider however is that these animals (carcasses) were eating plant matter (enter...vegetables), and when dog’s were eating the carcasses, they would also eat the stomach and intestines which contained this plant matter, and that’s how dog’s were getting their veggie intake.

This is a really important element of a dogs nutritional needs, and shouldn’t be underestimated. Green leafy vegetables have shown in some studies that they can help to reduce the risk of bladder cancer by up to 90% in specific breeds, and orange vegetables can help to reduce the risk of cancer by up to 60%.

So, when selecting raw dog food Toronto, or human grade, gently cooked dog food Toronto ensure to read the label, and look at the ingredients. Ask the company questions about the quality of their proteins, the mix of proteins, fruits and vegetables and ensure there isn’t a long list of ingredients that you don’t know. Remember, if you do want to feed raw dog food Toronto, you can add gently cooked meals to it such as Puppy Gang Fresh Foods meals.

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods has four meals containing a beef, chicken, turkey and salmon based protein mixed with a variety of fruits, vegetables and organic supplements. No fillers (pasta, white potato, rice), preservatives, additives or synthetic vitamins. You can try the trial pack which is currently promoted to 50 percent off here.

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