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Its not all 'Healthy Dog Food' in Canada

Its not all 'Healthy Dog Food' in Canada

Feeding your dog healthy dog food in Canada can make a significant impact to your dog’s health. In North America, it is estimated that over 60% of dogs are obese. The problem with this is that obesity can lead to a lot of other issues, including illnesses, joint pain, heart issues and much more.

The commercial pet food industry has promoted ‘Healthy Dog Food’ in Canada whilst the food is all processed. The reality is that processed foods (kibble or canned) isn’t good for our pups in the same way that it’s not good for us. 

What makes it more confusing is that there are also ‘fresh’ dog food brands promoting their healthy dog food in Canada, but not all whole foods brands are the same. We know of many brands that use very low quality meats, fillers (hello pasta, white potato, rice) and synthetic vitamins. Its important that you always ask your pet food brand what type of meats they use and the quality of them.

The good news is that there are some company’s, such as Puppy Gang Fresh Foods that does not compromise on quality. When we say that our meals are human grade, we mean it. That’s right - we will stand by this - our human grade dog food is such high quality that you can eat it too! 

We are dog mom’s ourselves and our dogs are our babies. We take the responsibility of providing real human grade meals for your pup that will help them to thrive in life by living longer and healthier lives.

When we set out to make healthy dog food in Canada, we made a commitment that our meals would change the pet food industry and provide a healthy and delicious alternative for pups. We made a promise not to use preservatives, additives, chemicals, low quality ingredients or fillers. 

Our customers love their new meals, and we love seeing them so happy. Before joining Puppy Gang Fresh Foods, many of our customers had digestive problems, were overweight, felt lethargic or no energy, were not enjoying their meals or were leaving the food in the bowl all day, having diarrhea, skin irritations and issues, allergies and so on. Our customers now report their dogs have more energy, digestion and stool is normal, skin irritations have disappeared and their pus are looking forward to (and begging) for food.

Our healthy dog food, based in Canada is a great way to help your dog live a longer and healthier life giving you peace of mind knowing you are supporting your pup in the best way possible. You can try our 7 pack trial for 40 percent off here.


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