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Zesty Rosemary Chicken

Zesty Rosemary Chicken

Zesty Rosemary Chicken

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Sound like a menu item you’d find at a restaurant? That’s because this Puppy Gang flavour contains some of the same ingredients as a human meal, like chicken, cabbage, and butternut squash.

Your pup already loves the chicken and sweet potato he or she gets from your dinner plate, now your pup can have their own, with the additional benefits of turmeric and flax seeds.

*All Puppy Gang Fresh Foods meals are formulated to meet and exceed AAFCO standards*

Meal Plan Calculator

How many calories does my dog need? Every animal has unique energy requirements and the amount of calories fed per day should be modified to prevent underfeeding or overfeeding of your pet. In order to determine your pet's nutritional needs, let's start with learning more about your pet.

How much food should your dog(s) eat?

Daily caloric needs: 568 KCal

Daily food requirement: 389 g

% of diet Cost per Day Pkg per Day Pkg per Week Pkg per Month
100% $7.71 0.86 25.70
60% $5.09 0.57 16.96
50% $3.85 0.43 12.85

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Technical specifications

  • Designed For Your Dog

    We designed each recipe to give your dog flavourful variety each day and to ensure the meals meet their nutritional needs.

  • Quality Ingredients

    We use premium ingredients that are hormone and antibiotic free, and do not contain any grains or fillers.

  • Veterinarian Approved

    Each recipe has been formulated by a holistic veterinarian to provide the balance your dog needs.

  • Heart Healthy

     Our fresh dog food is loaded with healthy fats and essential fatty acids like Omega-3.