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Variety Pack - Mixed 30-Pack

Variety Pack - Mixed 30-Pack

Variety Pack - Mixed 30-Pack

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Getting healthy food for your pup and saving money isn’t far-fetched. You can choose between fish and chicken and turkey without breaking your bank.

Give your pup the best of all worlds – healthy, tasty meals, and a variety of flavours. In this pack, you can choose a combination of:

• Fisherman’s Catch
• Zesty Rosemary Chicken
• Thanksgiving Turkey
• Beef Lovers

*All Puppy Gang Fresh Foods meals are formulated to meet and exceed AAFCO standards*

Meal Plan Calculator

How many calories does my dog need? Every animal has unique energy requirements and the amount of calories fed per day should be modified to prevent underfeeding or overfeeding of your pet. In order to determine your pet's nutritional needs, let's start with learning more about your pet.

How much food should your dog(s) eat?

Daily caloric needs: 568 KCal

Daily food requirement: 389 g

% of diet Cost per Day Pkg per Day Pkg per Week Pkg per Month
100% $7.71 0.86 25.70
60% $5.09 0.57 16.96
50% $3.85 0.43 12.85

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